Securing your home or business is key. We provide Intruder Alarms for all types of properties, and each system is designed to your needs. User-friendly simplicity is a must to make users feel comfortable that when they have left the property, every point of a possible break in is covered. Systems can be installed with monitoring devices so that if your alarm does activate, you will be notified straight away.





CCTV systems are more and more common these days. Not only being a visual deterrent, capturing images of intruders can play a big part in convictions, and this is why HD CCTV is becoming more popular and cost effective. All systems can be remotely viewed via a smart phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world. 





With commercial buildings, its key to make sure people only have access to the areas required. We can provide systems to make sure access is only granted when a users has the correct access assigned to them. All of this can be PC based too, meaning the manager of the system can check in & out times and add & delete users cards or codes easily through the PC software.





Its nice to who know whose at the door before granting any entry. With a Door Entry Systemm, users will see a picture of who is at the door/gate and be able to communicate with them before letting them enter the property.





Security lighting on your property is a fantastic deterrent of intruders. We can provide systems that are keypad driven with different areas set up for use. Simply select the garden area and the lights will stay on for however long you wish, or just keep the system working using the external detectors to pick up unwanted intruders. These smart lighting systems can also be integrated with Intruder Alarms and CCTV systems, meaning if you alarm is activated, you external lights will light up.

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